The power of two.

Because your most challenging applications need better solutions.

You’re challenged with meeting stringent customer requirements while improving your line efficiencies–all at the lowest cost of ownership. To help you meet those challenges, we’ve leveraged the combined strengths of Formax® Slicing technologies and Multitec™ Autoloading solutions. This powerful combination of two technology solutions offers:

  • Improved efficiency:
    The independent drives from the Formax Slicing system increase yields and minimize giveaway. When paired with customized Multitec Autoloading with standard proven components, the combination allows you to load almost any product presentation into any packaging format.
  • Increased throughput:
    By combining the larger throat size and increased speed of Formax Slicers with the ability of Multitec Autoloading to keep up where manual loading cannot, you’ll benefit from speed and reduced labor for a faster ROI.
  • Better product presentation:
    Formax Slicing offers enhanced blade design for better slice quality. Multitec solutions allow for presentation flexibility to flip, turn, overlap, or make any other presentation and deliver the most eye-catching product.
  • Enhanced food safety:
    The combined hygienic features of Formax Slicers, including open construction for easy cleaning, with reduced manual intervention from Multitec Autoloading, ensure you’re meeting the highest food safety standards.